BeanStock Ventures is a project-based software development and investment company.

We are focused on improving lives by directly and indirectly supporting the development and delivery of innovative healthcare related products and services.

BeanStock Ventures provides 20 years of regulatory and software development experience in various healthcare specific domains including but not limited to NGS, diagnostics, the point of care, critical care, laboratory, automation, workflows, and connectivity.



Developing the right strategy is the key to a successful product.


Focus is always on driving towards a successful delivery.


Quality is integral to delivering the right product on time.


Maintaining consistency between our performance and our client’s expectations.


Integrated, visible, accessible and highly skilled team members.

Why Work with Us

5 Principles of Our Work

Our goal is to deliver the right product. This goes well beyond regulatory compliance and on time delivery. With each step, we are continuously learning and pivoting in order to meet the every changing demands of the business, competitive landscape and the needs of the end user.

Our Process

  • 1. Assessment

    Provide value by performing an assessment of the current state of the product development and providing a detailed summary with multiple options.

  • 2. Strategy

    Increase success rate by establishing common goals and objectives by defining a detailed competitive strategy that all parties agree to.

  • 3. Team Creation

    Reduce training overheard and increase the time to market by developing a team with a set of customized skills and select expertise appropriate for the defined strategy.

  • 4. Immersion

    Establish alignment and create domain experts by on-boarding the team with the client’s subject matter experts.

  • 5. Execution

    Reduce risk to product delivery by developing in iterative stages and refining along the way.

  • 6. Delivery

    Predictive delivery by continuously communicating and managing detailed schedules against key milestones, resources, dependencies and risks.

Featured Case Studies

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